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Let’s compare two different ideas of where confidence comes from:

Confidence comes from how objectively competent we are.


Confidence comes from the reputation we have with ourselves.

Let’s use Greg as an example.

Greg is a highly successful investment banker who hates himself. Greg pulls in 7-figures a year, yet has zero time to even figure out how to start spending it. He doesn’t recognize the person he sees in the mirror anymore. He feels like a shell of himself, who’s just going through the motions of his life. He doesn’t know how this happened, and where he went wrong…

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I was chatting my social psychology professor during one of the Meet Your Prof events that the Psychology Society would host at my university. He told me that research has shown that the easiest way to determine if someone is a narcissist is to just ask them. They’ll answer truthfully, and the reason why is most likely because our society is designed for narcissists to thrive.

Our society shows us that the way to happiness is to have outward success. Success for most people is a good career and good relationships. That’s all well and good, until we realize that…

Are you aware of the energetic dimension that continues to play inside of you?

What was the movie “Groundhog Day” really about?

I think we can all relate to that movie in one way or another. We all have patterns in our lives that continue to repeat themselves, until we face them enough to finally develop enough awareness and understanding on how to finally resolve these patterns at their core.

What’s really at play here? What’s causing these patterns and cycles to continue to unfold themselves externally? Is it something we’re doing and thinking? If so, why do we keep doing and thinking these things? …

The answer may surprise you…

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Trauma is real. The way some are teaching to respond to it is bullshit.

There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet. A good principle is to always steer in waters that are at least somewhat backed by science. That way you don’t drown in the hokey pokey and the woo-woo.

“Trauma” is starting to veneer into the hokey pokey. It’s the new fad in self-help and spirituality. Everybody thinks they have “trauma”. And everyone does have trauma.

The big issue becomes: How do we deal with our trauma?

And there’s no magic…

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Thus Spoke, Zarathustra.

Nietzsche was kind of a savage. He basically went right ahead and said that religion is just an excuse poor people make to give their suffering meaning. OUCH. Now that’s fucking twisted.

It kind of gets you down a rabbit hole doesn’t it?

Cuz who’s to say he’s wrong?

The bottom line is that we all want happiness, and everything we do is predicated around it. And it’s clear that some people are happier than others. No, I’m not talking about that social media influencer that LOOKS happier than others.

I’m talking about the Soccer Mom that…

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What does the word freedom make you picture?

It probably makes you think of that feeling when the bell rings at the last day of school, and it’s finally summer time!

The warmth, the fresh air, the slight smell of sweat from having played outside, and no sense of obligation on your mind whatso-fucking-ever. Wow. What a thrill, huh?

I bet you also remember what happened a few weeks into summer vacation. You became bored stiff from a lack of things to do.

Uh oh. Wait a minute now. That doesn’t seem very freeing. Feeling bored suggests a lack of…

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In Tim Ferris’ “Tribe of Mentors”, Navil Ravikant’s advice to smart, hardworking young people is to pursue your intellectual curiosity rather than what’s hot now.

Your intellectual curiosity could be defined as where your attention naturally goes, and the ideas that excite that you. These may not be pragmatically applicable, or at least seem so right way. What’s hot right now is pretty easy to understand; it’s what everyone else seems to be doing.

The craze over day trading and cryptocurrencies we’ve seen in the past month is a terrific example of what’s hot right now. Ironically enough, the ones…

If you’re not actively thriving, you’re just surviving. Every day you spend not actively trying to make a better life for yourself, you actually increase the distance from you and your goals. A wasted day is a day where the world and your competition moved forward, while you stayed stagnant. Sounds pretty dramatic right? You’re probably shitting yourself as we speak.

This is the harsh reality of achievement. There’s a lot of competition out there. There are hard-working, intelligent people emerging from every corner of life and they want to fuck your daughters! No, I’m just kidding. They do want…

The age-old debate. Should you pursue spirituality, or should you pursue conventional success?

I believe that designing your life such that you make time for and commit to both will lead to more success in both pursuits.

Having a spiritual practice is extremely beneficial to your work-life. Good spiritual practices are designed to train your concentration and focus and gently remind you to bring your best self forward every moment of the day. What could possibly help improve your work and relationships more than that?

Similarly, a career and family life act as terrific stress-testors towards your commitment to the…

Is the devil real?

To try and literally prove the existence of the devil is just way too far-fetched. We can, however, try to prove a metaphorical existence of the devil, that we all face every day. Allow me to explain.

We all deal with fear. Neuroscience shows that it’s the lower part of our brain, the reptilian brain, that focuses on survival, and is largely what contributes to anxiety, fight-or-flight mode, etc. Our brain stores and accesses all of our memories through the hippocampus, detects where danger is through the amygdala and builds and holds a sense of identity…

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A Psychology Undergrad sharing wisdom through insights about psychology, self-development and spiritual growth.

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