Any Ontarian can build a TINY HOME in their backyard

2 min readSep 18, 2022
Tiny Homes… neat

You can build a tiny home/Garden Suite in most Ontario backyards as a secondary dwelling…

Of course, you have to have a permit and follow the building code and by-laws, and all the rest of it.

But is 100% doable and something you can take begin to start taking action on TODAY.

Definitionally speaking,

A Garden Suite is

A one-unit detached residential structure containing

  • bathroom and kitchen facilities that are ancillary to an existing residential structure
  • and are designed to be portable.
  • It is permitted only where a site-specific, temporary zoning by-law allows one.

There are some rules you must abide by, including ->

There can’t be more than one of them in your backyard

They can’t be too big,

And they can’t interfere with other elements in the area

They fall under the permit category of Additional Dwelling Units (Detached)

R1 to R7 zoning permits their construction

How can I start building one?

Things to consider:


  • Lot
  • Building height
  • Setback
  • Access to unit
  • Footprint
  • Building Permits


Services and Utilities,

Address Sign

Heritage and Conservation

  • You will usually require a heritage permit application before getting a building permit


If the property is within the Grand River Conservation Authority regulated area, GRCA, then GRCA requirements are required too

Did you know that there are actually communities of people doing this?

Check out this CBCpost here to see this type of flip in action…




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