Creative Real Estate Financing Solutions — Wholesaling

3 min readMar 21, 2022


Learning to be an expert wholesaler will help you in every aspect of your real estate investing efforts. So it is very worthwhile to understand even if you do not plan on pursuing this specific niche of real estate investment.

Wholesaling is fundamentally predicated on solving other people’s problems. it is the process of finding a property at a discount, getting the property on contract, and selling it to another real estate investor at a discount.

Here’s the 7 step process:

  1. Find a great deal from a motivated seller
  2. Negotiate a great price that makes financial sense to both parties
  3. Sign an agreement of purchase and sale with the seller
  4. Find a cash buyer (house flipper, landlord, etc)
  5. Legally connect the cash buyer to the motivated seller
  6. Collect the difference in price between what the seller’s contract is for and what the cash buyer will pay
  7. Rinse and repeat with more and more deals

It’s possible to wholesale without cash, but chances are that you will need cash for marketing reasons, to get your hands on the right type of wholesaling deals

Free methods

  • Driving for dollars
  • Empowering others to find deals for you
  • Using an agent

Paid methods

  • Direct mail marketing

The entire process rests on one key pillar:

Your Ability to Find a Great Deal

  • Pick the right neighborhoods, the right properties, and get in touch with property owners using public records
  • Direct mail can be effective, which is sending mail to a targeted list of people with the assumption that a very small percentage of them will respond to the campaign
  • Deals on the MLS are only possible if you look carefully enough, act quickly enough and negotiate intelligently
  • But remember, buyers, do not pay the real estate agent! The real estate agent gets paid by the seller! Generally speaking of course




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