How to Get a Private Lender to Say Yes — and other Creative Financing Tactics

2 min readMar 14, 2022
Psychology research tells us that creativity is not as common as we think. Everybody thinks they’re creative, but don’t nobody want to think outside of the box.

How to get a Private Lender to say Yes to you:

Have a deal ready

  • Find a good deal and present it clearly and effectively. Demonstrate how this relationship is win-win and has the potential to create long-term money

Common Mistakes People Make

Not hanging with the right people.

Not building relationships.

Not analyzing the numbers properly.

Asking the lender to take on too much risk

Private lenders need to be secure in their investments, so make sure not to take on too much risk

Not presenting the deal right. A good presentation embodies the 5 C’s

  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Concise
  • Convenience
  • Creativity

Not asking; In order to get, you must ask.

Other Creative Methods to get financing:

There are literally increasing amounts of ways to get financing for real estate investing… it is up to you to try and figure out those different ways

Home equity -> you may be able to use the equity on your home and take it out for a next purchase

  • Home equity loan
  • Loan -> paid back in installments until the full amount is paid off
  • Home equity line of credit from your local bank or credit union
  • Works like a credit card
  • You may also see these loans as a second mortgage because a lender will place a lien on the property that is second place to the primary loan on your house


  • Real estate partners can be invaluable
  • For splitting capital, responsibility, and compensating for lack of a certain skillset
  • Just make sure to be very careful in who you select as your partner and to get the partnership agreement in writing and contracted

And finally, Seller financing:

  • Can a great win-win solution for both the buyer and the seller
  • The title is transferred to the buyer but a lien is kept on the property, so the previous owner still has a vested interest in the property
  • Can be done without the bank, without paperwork, appraisal, or large down payment
  • The seller just has to agree to it, which there’s a solid reason as to why they will because the seller will go from owner to lender and receive monthly passive income checks every month

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