Let's see how Psychology evolves in the upcoming decades. Psychedelics research is extremely promising for therapeutic effects. We may begin to solve the problem of our early experiences determining our entire personalities as Neuroscience continues to advance our understanding of subcortical (subconscious) processes, cortical (conscious) processes and how Trauma can be healed most effectively.

There's also plenty of examples of people that continue to have anxiety and fear responses but are still considered brave. To understand what I mean by this, check out interviews of Grant Cardone, Mel Gibson and Idris Elba. You'll find that they have a well-rehearsed Persona that makes for a great offence, and that when it's their turn to listen they still show body language and facially expressed signs of anxiety and fear.

The free will vs determinism debate is a tough one. I chose to believe that it's somehow both, and that we are co-creators of our realities. This making rational and philosophical sense calls for reading the works of Ken Wilber (something I have not done YET) a contemporary philosopher who's work integrates idealistic and materialistic perspectives, showing us that they are just two sides of the same coin.

A Psychology Undergrad sharing wisdom through insights about psychology, self-development and spiritual growth.

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