Managing Your Rental Property: Walking the Walk

5 min readMar 14, 2022
It’s a little bit harder than Monopoly.

The Most Common Maintenance and Repairs you can expect from your Rental Property:

  • Fridge/Stove/Dishwasher not working
  • Minor repairs may be fixed by the landlord themselves
  • Larger repairs will require a qualified appliance repair person
  • Between $50 and $100 per hour and can be handled in an hour
  • Water Leak in Ceiling or Under Windows
  • Can destroy wood, flooring, drywall, or any other surface on your property
  • Moisture can cause mold to grow
  • Could require a plumber or a roofing contractor
  • Be sure to verify whether your property was water supply lines
  • Water Leaf Under Sink
  • Can be because of
  • the supply line -> the pipe that brings water to the sink
  • Or the drain -> from sink to sewer
  • Drainpipe not fitting together properly
  • Can fix yourself or hire a plumber
  • Water Drip From Faucets
  • This can cost you $100s per year in hydro
  • The faucet may need to be replaced; don’t cheap out on the plastic one because it’ll come back at you in the long-term anyways
  • A plumber or fixed by you
  • No Hot Water
  • Problem with the hot water heater
  • If replaced -> about $500–1000 cost
  • Can also be the heating element within the heater -> hire a plumber or replace yourself by buying separately
  • Bugs and pest control
  • Educate your tenants on proper hygiene practices to ensure that bugs never become a problem
  • Pest control specialist
  • Garbage Disposals
  • It’s very common for garbage disposals to break
  • Because tenants put down things that they shouldn’t be putting down
  • So consider removing the garbage disposal from your properties entirely to remove the hassle
  • Might just be stuck and requires an Allen wrench to fix it

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