The Real Estate Investing Dream Team: UnPacked

4 min readMar 14, 2022

There are a whole lot of people that need to be on your side if you want to be a successful real estate investor.

Here’s the comprehensive list: A Realtor. And not just any realtor. You want to find an investor-friendly agent. One who has investing experience themselves. One who is affluent as a by-product. One who can communicate in real estate investing lingo effectively. One who understands your local market, and is connected to the locals here. Understands the house prices, the rent prices, what new developments are coming into the market and where what new zoning and government plans are in store, how the city is growing and why it’s growing, etc. Responsive in their communication, because investing is a highly time-sensitive endeavor, and speed is king. Is tech-savvy. And that offers one-on-one support throughout the investment process.

You don’t want your everyday realtor. You want to have an absolute closer, that has all the skills and checks off all the boxes.

And what do you know, I actually happen to know somebody who fits that exact description. Connect with me at or by phone at 4372270401.

A Mortgage Broker. It’s no secret that you will need good help on the lending side of things. Having a reliable mortgage broker on your side is invaluable. Luckily for you, a mortgage broker comes with the price of admission when working with me and my team.

A Contractor. Here’s a funny trick to meet contractors. Go to your local home depot at 6 AM and chat up the people that look like they’re making big purchases. Your chances are high that you’ll meet a responsible and hard-working contractor this way. Or, you can skip the line and get in through the red-velvet ropes, because our team works with the best contractors in the city. Reach out to me at or at 4372270401.

An Insurance agent. You will need an insurance agent for house hacking, and insurance can also make for a cheaper form of defense against the very real possibility of getting sued as a real estate investor, especially if you’re in this game for the long run (which you should be). Also, insurance policies are always being updated…




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