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Thus Spoke, Zarathustra.

Nietzsche was kind of a savage. He basically went right ahead and said that religion is just an excuse poor people make to give their suffering meaning. OUCH. Now that’s fucking twisted.

It kind of gets you down a rabbit hole doesn’t it?

Cuz who’s to say he’s wrong?

The bottom line is that we all want happiness, and everything we do is predicated around it. And it’s clear that some people are happier than others. No, I’m not talking about that social media influencer that LOOKS happier than others.

I’m talking about the Soccer Mom that works in real estate, loves her husband, and kids, but also periodically likes getting dicked down by her second boyfriend.

I’m talking about the fat girl that doesn’t plan on stopping munching down on big macs anytime soon, and even has her own Instagram page about her “food adventures”.

The white-bearded dude in the sky isn’t counting score anymore, and that makes the world a very different place. These are solid examples of the manifestation of modern day morality.

Our guiding principle can now be a myriad of things, now that it isn’t God. Most of us adhere to a combination of our reason and our emotion.

Now that we’re left without God, naturally the question that has to be asked is what the meaning of life is.

And it’s quite possible that searching for the answer to that question might lead to some chaos in your life. Yet,

There’s a Fundamental Shift that occurs knowing this

because now that we’re left without God, we have to choose our reasons behind living.

The most famous and influential living Spiritual Guru in the world right now is Sadhguru.

He says that ultimately, there is no meaning to life. And that’s what makes it so beautiful. Life is more or less just a playground, that offers exploration.

The downside that you think is there is just an illusion anyways.

You can overcome it through your ability to respond to the present moment. You can learn to neutralize the lows and the highs, and just get a kick out of the present moment no matter what it is.

You’re the one that creates illusory suffering and you’re the one that can put a stop to it.

What frees you is knowing that There’s no Meaning to Life.

The Modern Day and Age is filled with people who are actually living up to exactly what Nietzsche preached.

Nietzsche preaches to turn aside from religion, and from petty uses for your will to power, and to instead spend your time perfecting your crafts, and for higher purposes.

Nietzsche calls us to invest ourselves in how we so choose. He calls us to wake up from the dream of reality and to start dreaming lucid.

The Three Nietzschean stages are the Camel, The Lion and the Child. I read Nietzsche after I had already been introduced to Eastern philosophy, and so I always interpreted it as being a call to expand our consciousness.

The Camel signifies suffering, and life being heavy, dense, and full of contraction.

The Lion signifies the start of the heroes’ journey, courage, acceptance and expansion.

Finally, the child is the wise old man that has lived a life without regrets, and can die without attachments, blockages and demons that weigh down his soul. The child represents love, because spiritual growth teaches us that the path to love is to let go of everything that’s in the way. To lighten your karmic load, returning to the natural state of the soul.

Whether you know it or not, you’re most likely living your life as Nietzsche predicted. Are you seizing everyday, and bending reality to your will like a lucid dreamer, or are you floating off in the wind, like a sleep walker?

A Psychology Undergrad sharing wisdom through insights about psychology, self-development and spiritual growth.

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