What to FOCUS on to PREDICT the Real Estate Market

2 min readSep 18, 2022

The Real Estate Market is the talk of every household.

And why wouldn’t it be? Considering that Investors own about 20% of Canada’s homes…

And the question on everybody’s mind is…

How long is the market going to crash?

How low are prices going to go?

How high will my Mortgage Mortgage Payment become?

And what can I do to safeguard and improve my finances and my family’s finances?

The short answer is: Invest in Duplex Conversion potential properties.

But first of all, to answer everyone’s questions…

If you want to know how long the market is going to crash, check out my other post where I discuss this topic in-depth.

That post also discusses how low prices are going to go. Ultimately nobody knows, but literally, all the present real estate data, as well as a complete analysis of Ontarians’ economic history for the past 20 years is discussed.

The Topic that hits closer to our hearts is the rise in monthly mortgage payments. Everyone is taking a hit here. Having to pay an extra $250–1000 a month adds up. And to see that more interest rate spikes are being planned only adds fuel to the fire.




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